Prefecture, city hall, town and village offices

Name Phone number Address Departments Remarks
Osaka prefecture  06-6941-0351  2, Otemae, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi  Crisis control room  At the time of disaster generating to extension 4111.4112 
Osakashi government office  06-6208-8181   1-3-20, Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi  Crisis control room   
Sakaishi government office  072-233-1101  3-1, Minamikawaramachi, Sakai-ku, Sakai-shi  Crisis control room   
Kishiwadashi government office  072-423-2121  7-1, Kishikicho, Kishiwada-shi  Crisis Administration Department Crisis-Management Division   
Toyonakashi government office  06-6858-2525  3-1-1, Nakasakurazuka, Toyonaka-shi  Crisis-Management Division   
Ikedashi government office  072-752-1111  1-1-1, Jonan, Ikeda-shi   Mayor palace Crisis-Management Division   
Suitashi government office  06-6384-1231  1-3-40, Izumicho, Suita-shi  General affairs department crisis control room   
Izumiotsushi government office  0725-33-1131  9-12, Shinonomecho, Izumiotsu-shi  Department of general policy Crisis-Management Division   
Takatsukishi government office  072-674-7111  2-1, Touencho, Takatsuki-shi   General affairs department crisis control room   
Kaizukashi government office  072-423-2151  1-17-1, Hatakenaka, Kaizuka-shi  Department of city policy Crisis-Management Division   
Moriguchi City Office  06-6992-1221  2-2-5, Keihanhondori, Moriguchi-shi  Civic life department Crisis-Management Division   
Hirakatashi government office  072-841-1221  2-1-20, Ogaitocho, Hirakata-shi  Public Safety Department crisis control room   
Ibarakishi government office  072-622-8121  3-8-13, Ekimae, Ibaraki-shi  General affairs department Crisis-Management Division   
Yaoshi government office  072-991-3881  1-1-1, Honmachi, Yao-shi  Human rights culture contact department Local Regional Safety Division   
Izumisanoshi government office  072-463-1212  1-295-3, Ichibahigashi, Izumisano-shi  Mayor palace citizen collaboration section   
Tondabayashishi government office  0721-25-1000  1-1, Tokiwacho, Tondabayashi-shi  Mayor palace crisis control room   
Neyagawashi government office  072-824-1181  1-1, Honmachi, Neyagawa-shi  Person, contact department crisis control room   
Kawachinaganoshi government office  0721-53-1111  1-1-1, Haracho, Kawachinagano-shi  Crisis-Management Division   
Matsubarashi government office  072-334-1550  1-1-1, Ao, Matsubara-shi  Mayor palace Crisis-Management Division   
Daitoshi government office  072-870-9618  1-1-1, Tanigawa, Daitou-shi    Crisis control room   
Izumishi government office  0725-41-1551  2-7-5, Fuchucho, Izumi-shi  Mayor palace citizen collaboration promotion room crisis control charge   
Minohshi government office  072-723-2121  4-6-1, Nishishoji, Minoo-shi  General affairs department citizen security policy section   
Kashiwarashi government office  072-972-1501  1-55, Andocho, Kashiwara-shi  General affairs department Crisis-Management Division   
Habikinoshi government office  072-958-1111  4-1-1, Konda, Habikino-shi  Mayor palace crisis control room   
Kadomashi government office  06-6902-1231  1-1, Nakamachi, Kadoma-shi  General affairs department Crisis-Management Division   
Settsushi government office  06-6383-1111  1-1-1, Mishima, Settsu-shi  General affairs department disaster prevention administration of property section   
Yao City Office  072-265-1001  4-1-1, Kamo, Takaishi-shi  General affairs department Crisis-Management Division   
Fujiiderashi government office  072-939-1111  1-1-1, Oka, Fujiidera-shi  Urban Development Division Crisis-Management Division   
Higashiosakashi government office  06-4309-3000  1-1-1, Aramotokita, Higashiosaka-shi  Crisis control room   
Sennanshi government office  072-483-0001  1-1-1, Tarui, Sennan-shi  Department of general policy Crisis-Management Division   
Shijonawateshi government office  072-877-2121  1-1, Nakanohonmachi, Shijonawate-shi  Urban Development Division Crisis-Management Division   
Katanoshi government office  072-892-0121  1-1-1, Kisabe, Katano-shi  Community part area relief section   
Osakasayamashi government office  072-366-0011  1-2384-1, Sayama, Osakasayama-shi  Policy coordination room crisis control group   
Hannanshi government office  072-471-5678  35-1, Ozakicho, Hannan-shi  Mayor palace Crisis-Management Division   
Shimamotocho government office  075-961-5151  2-1-1, Sakurai, Shimamoto-cho, Mishima-gun  General affairs department Crisis-Management Division   
Toyonocho government office  072-739-0001  Is it 414-1, Yono, Toyono-cho, Toyono-gun?  General affairs department General Administration Division   
Nosecho government office  072-734-0001  28, Shukuno, Nose-cho, Toyono-gun  Person in charge of general affairs department self-government Disaster Prevention Section self-government disaster prevention   
Tadaokacho government office  0725-22-1122  1-34-1, Tadaokahigashi, Tadaoka-cho, Senboku-gun  Mayor palace self-government Disaster Prevention Section   
Kumatoricho government office  072-452-1001  1-1-1, Noda, Kumatori-cho, Sennan-gun  Crisis-Management Division   
Tajiricho government office  072-466-5009  375-1, Kashoji, Tajiri-cho, Sennan-gun   Crisis-Management Division   
Misakicho government office  072-492-2001  2000-1, Fuke, Misaki-cho, Sennan-gun  Town development strategy room crisis control charge   
Taishicho government office  0721-98-0300  Taishi-cho, Minamikawachi-gun larger section of a village Yamada 88  Living environment room security environment group   
Kanancho government office  0721-93-2500  1359-6, Shiraki, Kanan-cho, Minamikawachi-gun  Department of general policy crisis control room   
Chihayaakasakamura government office  0721-72-0081  Chihayaakasaka-mura, Minamikawachi-gun larger section of a village water 180  General Administration Division