Typhoon information

Prefectures information (announcement)

Osaka Prefecture information about the 2018 Typhoon 21st
We announce Osaka district meteorological observatory at 23:41 on September 4, 2018

In Osaka Prefecture, please be cautious in sediment disasters until the early morning of 5th.

(the text)
 The strong Typhoon 21st advances to north by northeast with the speed of approximately 70 kilos in north approximately 80 kilos of Sado-shi at 21:00 on 4th an hour.
As for the central atmospheric pressure, as for 975 hectopascal, the maximum wind velocity, as for 35 meters, the maximum instantaneous wind speed, it is storm that is more than wind speed of 25 meters per second at central southeast side less than 150 kilos and northwest side less than 60 kilos at 50 meters.
 Typhoon is going away from Osaka Prefecture, but wet air flows into Osaka Prefecture warmly sequentially, and atmospheric very unstable state continues.
 In addition, in Osaka Prefecture, there is place becoming loose of ground by past heavy rain.

[live broadcast of rain]
 Total amount of precipitation (Automated Meteorological Data Acquisition System preliminary figure) from 10:00 to 4th 23:00 is Kawachinagano in important place for four days of the rainfall beginning     85.5 millimeters of Nose       82.5 millimeters of Kumatori       74.0 millimeters
[live broadcast of wind]
 Maximum instantaneous wind speed and the maximum wind velocity (Automated Meteorological Data Acquisition System preliminary figure unit: meter) from 00:00 to 4th 23:00 are 13:38 in important place for Kansai Airport maximum instantaneous wind speed 58.1 south-southwest four days for four days ※     Maximum wind velocity 46.5 south-southwest 4th 13:47 ※  Kumatori maximum instantaneous wind speed 51.2 south 4th 13:40 ※     Maximum wind velocity 26.8 south 4th 13:47 ※  Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi maximum instantaneous wind speed 47.4 south-southwest 4th 14:03     Maximum wind velocity 27.3 south-southwest 4th 14:11 Sakai-ku, Sakai-shi maximum instantaneous wind speed 43.6 south 4th 13:50 ※     Maximum wind velocity 21.1 south 4th 13:58 ※  Hirakata maximum instantaneous wind speed 40.2 south-southwest 4th 14:24 ※     Maximum wind velocity 19.3 south-southwest 4th 14:32 ※ ※As for this, observation updates value of the first place in history
[live broadcast of tide level]
 In Osaka Prefecture, we observed value to exceed past highest tidal level momentarily under the influence of the Typhoon 21st.
 Highest tidal level (preliminary figure of moment value) observed on 4th is observation point Osaka highest tidal level 329 centimeters 14:18
[disaster prevention matter]
 Please be cautious in sediment disasters.
 Please be careful about submergence, inundation harm, flooding, strong wind and high waves of rivers.
 Please be careful about intense gust and strike of lighting such as tornado.
When there is sign to approach of cumulonimbus cloud which developed, you move in building, and please act for ensuring safety.

 With Earthquake of North Osaka on June 18, 2018, as for the big local Heavy Rain Warning, Advisories of shaking, it is operation that usually reduced than criterion.

[supplementary matter]
 It is finished with this issue, but will tell at any time if there is sudden weather turn of eventss.
Please note the latest warning, alarm and Advisories, tornado attention information, information which meteorological observatory announces in future.