Typhoon information

Prefectures information (announcement)

Osaka Prefecture information about the 2018 Typhoon 25th
We announce Osaka district meteorological observatory at 5:12 on October 7, 2018

In Osaka Prefecture, fear of strong wind and high waves disappeared.

(the text)
 The Typhoon 25th turned into extratropical cyclone at 3:00 on 7th.
 Fear of strong wind and high waves disappeared in Osaka Prefecture.

[live broadcast of wind]
 Maximum instantaneous wind speed and the maximum wind velocity (preliminary figure unit by Automated Meteorological Data Acquisition System: meter) from 00:00 to 7th 05:00 are 20:11 in important place for Kansai Airport maximum instantaneous wind speed 22.1 south six days on October 6     Maximum wind velocity 16.1 south 6th 18:57 Nose maximum instantaneous wind speed 20.1 west-southwest 6th 20:39     Maximum wind velocity 11.3 southwest 6th 20:48
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